Do you both take pictures at our wedding? 

Thomas is the only photographer. Penelope does the editing, design, scheduling and emailing.
When we met, Thomas was already a photographer and Penelope already knew photoshop. The original plan was for Thomas to teach Penelope to shoot as well. However, before Thomas ever gave a photography lesson to Penelope, it was decided to not go down that path. Rather than teach photography to Penelope, let her keep her view on weddings as a bride and not as a photographer. So Thomas approaches every wedding with the mindset of a story teller from his years of work as a photojournalist and Penelope can ignore the technical photography things and focus on the things a bride wants. We have found this really balances our work well.

Where do you shoot weddings? 

Our office is in downtown Houston at the corner of Travis & Franklin. However, we don’t charge any extra to shoot weddings anywhere in Texas. If you have a wedding outside of those areas, send us a message for a custom quote.

What kind of cameras do you use? 

I use the top of the line Nikon cameras, lenses and flashes and a large variety of other tools.

How do you protect our pictures? Do you have backups?

We are very particular about backing up everything. We only use cameras that have two memory card slots. So every picture we shoot is written to two different cards at the same time. No professional should shoot your wedding without shooting with only dual-card slot cameras. All hard drives and all memory cards eventually fail, but this risk can easily be mitigated by owning professional camera equipment and using it properly.

We keep two RAID 5 servers and multiple external hard drives. We keep hard drives with every image at multiple locations as well as store every image in the cloud. It is not cheap to take so many precautions with backing up files, but your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and we want to make sure your images are safe.

Thomas always carries three cameras with dual card slots, five lenses, at least 500GB of memory and multiple flashes. He wasn’t ever a Boy Scout, but he believes in being prepared.

Who is your second photographer?

We have a small list of carefully selected second photographers that we use regularly.

What is the best way to get a hold of you?

The best way to get a hold of us is to email us. We both check our business email. Penelope at You can also fill out the contact form at the top of the page.

You can always call or text Thomas at 832-233-3458, however, he may be difficult to get in touch with if he is on a shoot. He often leaves his phone  on airplane mode in his bag.

How can I use my print credit?

Email Penelope to use your print credit.

Do you have a studio? Can I stop by? 

We do have a studio located at 202 Travis St in the Historic Cotton Exchange Building in Downtown Houston. We are there by appointment only. We’d love to meet with you.

How many pictures will you take? How many will we get? Can we see them all?

We do not limit how many images Thomas takes or how many you get. The total number varies greatly from wedding to wedding, how much coverage you choose and if you choose to have a second photographer. We have never delivered less than 800 images from a wedding.

We tend to deliver more images than most photographers for several reasons. First, when pictures are very similar (like when taking portraits and Thomas takes several at once), if they are all good and in focus, we would rather give them all to you. We may really like how you look in one image, but you prefer yourself slightly different in the next image. We see no reason to delete the one that we don’t like that is perfectly good. We also do all the editing in house rather than outsourcing. We take care of each and every image and don’t have the limits that a lot of outsourcing companies give you.

But you can’t see them all. Honestly, you don’t want to see them all. If the flash doesn’t fire or the focus is off or whatever we delete it. No sense in keeping a bad image that would never look acceptable. And you will get plenty of images to tell the story of your day.

Where do you do engagement and bridal portraits?

We do our portrait sessions in our favorite nook in Kingwood. We are also able to travel to your selected location for an additional fee.
When will we get our pictures?
All images including your engagements and bridals will be given to you on a flash drive with your wedding album. We include a print credit with all portrait sessions so that you can have a beautifully retouched, framable image to display at your wedding or reception. We will send you web resolution images of your portrait sessions as soon as they are done.

How long will it take to get our Album? Can we choose our pictures?

Our album design is custom for each wedding and takes eight to twelve weeks from the time you give us the specifications. The more input you give us, the easier it will be for us to complete the album. You are welcome to choose all the pictures for your album or none of the pictures from your album and have Penelope do it. We are happy to meet in person, Skype, FaceTime or talk on the phone to go over the album. When you give a revision, being as specific as possible will help us swap out images as quickly as possible. “Can you swap the image on the right with image 1234” will help Penelope a lot more than “Can you find a different image for the one on the right side of the page?” Because our albums are custom made, our printers vary between 4 and 8 weeks, depending on their work load. We have used them for a long time and have a very good relationship with them, which helps a lot.

We live in Houston, but want to have a destination wedding. Do you travel? Is there anywhere you won’t go?
We love to travel and we have been on four continents together since we married. Contact us for a specific quote for your location.